Andrew Last Rectangle

Andrew from GY6Vids

Show Host / Professional Shooter

Andrew comes from a civilian background and is a self taught Professional Shooter. Like many Americans,  Andrew was raised in a household that supported the 2nd Amendment and understood the necessity of firearms in all walks of life, personal defense, hunting, Sports and recreation - as well as preservation of the Freedoms we have in our great Country! Andrew's Father has been a Marine and Law Enforcement Officer for over 20 years. He taught Andrew the importance of firearms safety when he was 5 years old. Over the next 25+ years Andrew trained his body and mind to become as proficient as possible with firearms, Mixed Martial Arts and Physical Fitness. His goal was to not only learn proficiency with firearms but also with his most important tools for personal defense, his body & mind! 

During the years of studying and training, Andrew also had a strong passion for cinematography and photography. He decided to blend his passions in order to share his knowledge of firearms with the world. Andrew started GY6vids LLC over 5 years ago, as a video production and advertising company based in the firearms industry. Andrew has now become recognized and renowned for his YouTube channel "GY6vids" which focuses on Firearms Entertainment, Reviews, Ballistic Testing, Personal Defense and 2nd Amendment based talking points.

"I feel that Triumph Systems helps bridge the gap between basic range day shooting and real life mental preparation when using a firearm. I believes that Triumph Systems target systems greatly increase a shooters functional reaction time between body and mind for a SHOOT/No Shoot situation, and will be able to sharpen overall skills strongly lacking in the shooting community!" ~ Andrew from GY6Vids