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Pivotal Trainers - The Revolution in Law Enforcement Training Targets

At Triumph Systems, we are firm believers in the need for enhanced and frequent training. Therefore, we have developed a wide range of target systems for law enforcement agencies, utilizing feedback of elite operators from a variety of backgrounds.

In striving to do more for those who protect us, we are constantly innovating to allow agencies and units of all levels across the U.S. to train to a higher standard. Our Law Enforcement Targets and systems redefine cognitive and discretionary training which,at the end of the day, makes you, and the communities you protect, safer. Are you an individual officer or an LE agency looking to raise your standard of training? Fill out the form and book a demo with our team.

Pivotal Trainer Review

Our Range of Pivotal Trainers

Core Edition

The Core Edition Pivotal Trainer is our solution for the RSO who is a handyman or anyone with a mind for training applications. This model comes with the Motor, the AR500 Motor Protector, Remote Control, and the frame Brackets. Designed with the intent of customers to build their own frames, this model has quickly become one of our best-selling units due to the ability to mount it virtually anywhere. (Cars, Corners, or Runners.)

Range Ready

The base mobile Turning Target System, the Range Ready Pivotal Trainer is perfect for individuals or departments. This system features the Motor, Protector, Remote, Frame Brackets, and Frame bars. The frame sets ups and breaks down in minutes, in conjunction with it only weighing 15 pounds, this system is perfect for any application.


The Commercial Pivotal Trainer is our solution for those who would like more protection or a more permanent fixture. The frames are designed to enhance protection and is made out of AR500 steel, giving all RSOs and trainers the peace of mind that students will not damage the frame.


Standards are changing and the need for dynamic and decision-making training has never been higher. Enter the Elite Pivotal Trainer, with increased capabilities such as 200+ yard connectivity, a ruggedized touchscreen remote, and an AR500 steel frame. The Elite Pivotal trainer allows you to train for virtually any scenario.

What Makes Pivotal Trainers Stand Out Among the Law Enforcement Target System?


If it's downrange, it's going to get shot. Period. That's why we've designed multiple frame options, all of which protect the turning mechanisms. From our lightweight extruded nylon frame to the AR500 steel frame, no matter what your needs are, we can accommodate your requirements.


We know that when training, the ability to switch up situations and make people think are crucial. Our Pivotal Trainer can be mounted and moved virtually anywhere. From a shoot-house to a vehicle, if you want to challenge your students, add a Pivotal Trainer.


Our products are the cost-effective solutions when it comes to discretionary firearm training. Most agencies have difficulties making their training time dynamic. With the Pivotal Trainer, you can turn any range into a challenging and unique training environment.


Gov. Pricing Available

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We are currently utilizing them in our simunition house, our vehicles and outside at the range.  In our simunition house, we can set them up in a corner of a room or with their magnet attachment, hang them from the metal door frames.

Federal Agency: Identity Concealed

My staff and I highly recommend these systems to all other law enforcement training academies as well as law enforcement agencies as a means to enhance their firearms training programs."

Major Rich Flotron: Director Of Law Enforcement Training

Train With Triumph

The Pivotal Trainer target systems for Law Enforcement agencies increase stress in training by providing time performance, as well as “threat / no threat” cognitive decision-making requirements. Developed with a Navy SEAL, the patent protected technology eliminates anticipation and forces the shooter to use discretion before acting. In gun fights, there’s no second chance.

Train hard and train to be triumphant.