Brass Beam - Laser Dry Fire Cartridge for Brass App

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  • USE WITH BRASS APP - With Brass, users can use any target they want and select from a range of drills to execute. After completing the drill, users receive an objective T-Score that takes into account speed, total time, accuracy, and precision.
  • BRASS APP IS FREE - Brass app is developed for you to use for Free. This app will improve your shooting skill in no time. Download it today and see how why Navy SEALS, professional shooters, and neofytes are saving money training with Brass
  • SAVES YOU MONEY - Train at home, anytime, save your ammunition
  • SAFE TO USE - Brass Beam is machined with precision to ensure you can use the product safely without damage to your firearm
  • USE ANY TARGET - Simple as that, use whatever bullseye target you want to train with.
  • NAVY SEAL DEVELOPED - Brass was developed by a Navy SEAL, ensuring that the training provided is top-tier and tailored to promote user growth and development.

Introducing the Brass Beam - the ultimate dry fire training tool for firearm enthusiasts. With this innovative device, you can turn your firearm into a laser training tool that allows you to practice your shooting skills in the comfort of your own home. The Brass Beam is designed to be inserted into your firearm, where it replaces a regular round. When the firing pin strikes the back of the Brass Beam, it creates a laser pulse that is recorded by the Brass App software. This allows you to analyze your performance and improve your technique, without ever having to fire a live round. Thanks to its compact size and easy-to-use design, the Brass Beam is perfect for both novice and experienced shooters. It's an affordable way to hone your skills and improve your accuracy, whether you're a law enforcement officer, competitive shooter, or just looking to improve your skills for personal defense. This product is a Class 3R laser that complies with ICE 60825-1:2014. 2.6mW MAX OUTPUT at 653nm. Included are 1.5v Button cell batteries.



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