Hostage Rescue Ready Adaptive Shoot House

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Adaptive Shoot House Brackets (ASH-1)


Not Included:

  • Plywood

Product information:

  • Constructed of Aircraft Aluminum
  • Creates 180 and 90 angles
  • Compatible with ½” thick plywood

Training Benefits:

  • Great for any flat or indoor range
  • Fully modular
  • Fast set up/ breakdown
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Complete Hostage Rescue response system that fits in the bed of a truck
  • Pivotal Trainers and Reactive Drop Targets can be used independent of the Adaptive Shoot House System
  • Affordable, best value, and one of a kind

Product Description:

Looking for a comprehensive Hostage Rescue response system that is easy to set up and transport? Look no further than the Hostage Rescue Ready Adaptive Shoot House Brackets.

This all-in-one system includes an Adaptive Shoot House Brackets, two Pivotal Trainers Adapters for Adaptive Shoot House compatibility, two Commercial Pivotal Trainers with AR500 steel frames, and two Reactive Drop Target Plates that are marking cartridge compatible. All of these components can be transported in the bed of a truck, allowing you to train for hostage rescue scenarios in any location.

The Pivotal Trainers and Reactive Drop Targets can also be used independently of the Adaptive system, providing you with even more training options. And with its affordable price and unbeatable value, this one-of-a-kind system is the perfect choice for law enforcement agencies, military units, and civilian shooting enthusiasts alike.

So why wait? Order your Hostage Rescue Ready today and take your tactical training to the next level.

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