Brass Stand

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  • ENHANCE YOUR TRAINING - With the Brass Stand, you'll experience an enhanced training experience like never before. The combination of the Brass App and the Brass Beam laser cartridge creates a dynamic laser firearms training system, providing real-time feedback and analysis of your shooting performance. Refine your accuracy, speed, and technique with each practice session,
  • UNPARALLELED DURABILITY - Crafted with a quad pod construction, the Brass Stand boasts unparalleled durability, ensuring it stands strong against the rigors of regular training. This sturdy design guarantees stability during use, giving you the confidence to focus solely on improving your marksmanship skills.
  • TELESCOPIC DESIGN - The Brass Stand extends up to an impressive 3.5 feet, allowing you to position your smart device at the perfect eye level for optimal training sessions. When not in use, it effortlessly collapses to a mere 8 inches, making it highly portable and convenient for storage or transport.
  • VERSATILITY AT ITS BEST - Not just limited to firearms training, the Brass Stand proves to be a versatile companion. It can be employed for various other purposes like video recording, live streaming, or even as a hands-free device for watching tutorials and demonstrations.
  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION - Designed exclusively for use with the Brass App, this stand ensures a seamless and secure fit for your smart device. Its adjustable holder accommodates various smartphone and tablet sizes, ensuring you have a stable and reliable training setup.

Introducing the Brass Stand - Your Ultimate Telescopic Smart Device Holder for Laser Firearms Training Take your laser firearms training to the next level with the Brass Stand, an innovative and versatile telescopic smart device holder designed to perfectly complement the Brass App. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or just starting your marksmanship journey, this stand is your reliable companion in honing your skills with laser precision. Get your Brass Stand today and unlock the full potential of your laser firearms training with the Brass App. Its telescopic and collapsible design, combined with a highly durable quad pod construction, ensures unparalleled stability and convenience during your practice sessions. Elevate your marksmanship skills to new heights and take pride in becoming a more proficient and confident shooter. Are you ready to embrace the future of laser firearms training? Get your Brass Stand now and witness the difference it makes in your training journey.

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