Major Rich Flotron: Director of Law Enforcement Training

"As the Director of Training, Mineral Area College Law Enforcement Academy, I would like to take this opportunity to brag on Triumph Systems and particularly, the Pivotal Trainer systems.  My staff and I have been extremely pleased and impressed with our purchase of these turning target systems. As a fundamental duty, it’s our responsibility to increase each cadet’s capacity to make quick decisions under stress and with this system, we are able to create numerous shoot / no shoot scenarios that accomplish just that.  We are talking about life and death situations, and now because we’ve incorporated the Pivotal Trainers into our curriculum, we can put each recruit in real-world scenarios, assess shooter judgment and do so in a safe training environment.  Not only are they easy to assemble, disassemble and transport, but they are also affordable to just about any budget.  We use them in a multitude of drills ranging from shooting from a holster to more advanced drills like building searches (with both dry and live fire and simunition) and force the cadets to make split second decisions.   My staff and I highly recommend these systems to all other law enforcement training academies as well as law enforcement agencies as a means to enhance their firearms training programs."


Federal Agency: Identity Concealed

"I have been in Law Enforcement over thirty years and a Firearms and SWAT instructor for twenty of those.   I am now head of training at a Federal Law Enforcement Facility in a major Metropolitan City.  When I found out about the Pivotal Trainer and incorporated it into our training, it changed everything because it’s so versatile and can be utilized in so many ways.  We are currently utilizing them in our simunition house, our vehicles and outside at the range.  In our simunition house, we can set them up in a corner of a room or with their magnet attachment, hang them from the metal door frames.  With the controls, upon entry of our team, we can either present a shoot / no-shoot scenario.  In the vehicles, we again utilize the magnet base and attach the Pivotal Trainer to the roof and run the controls according to the scenario we created.  Outside and inside we run active shooter scenarios.   I will have to say they have enhanced our training.  Keep up the good work…."


Al Lakosky: NRA Certified Instructor

"As a 15-year permit to carry instructor with a multi-state rating and a shooter for many more years, I would like to say this about the Triumph Systems Pivotal Trainer target system that I own. My friends talked me into going to a new indoor shooting range facility the other day. I went as a guest and bought my four targets and a hundred rounds of .45 ACP. After shooting my hundred rounds and knocking the X ring out of every target at fifteen yards, I was ready to leave! After training with a shoot/don't shoot system that not only moves but makes you think and gives great training in mental preparedness, I don't think that I will be going to an indoor range again soon. This type of shooting can be outright boring. I also realized that when you are stuck at a shooting station and the target only moves away or closer to you, I soon realized that this type of shooting lacks realism and a real-life encounter will never involve a "static" shooter aiming at a "static" target. I could hardly wait to get back home to my range and practice drills that more simulate real life scenarios on my Triumph Systems Target instead of the mundane shooting range drills. Keep up the great work, Triumph Systems!"

Jason Fitzwater:

"When I first learned of Triumph Systems and the Pivotal Trainer targets, my thought was “These are the future of law enforcement training”!  When Mike and I started our company, N&F Training Solutions, our first purchase was the Pivotal Trainers because of the value add it brings to training.  The environment right now towards law enforcement in our country is unprecedented and has never before been seen and as such, officers must be prepared for the fight.  

To get into the right mindset, we use Pivotal Trainers to enhance our curriculum; specifically, our “Critical Mindset for Counter Ambush” training class. We emphasize the importance of making split second decisions under stress while verbalizing to teammates, moving, and engaging the threat.  We don’t stand on a stagnant line while we’re training as we’re engaging the Pivotal Trainers through windshields, windows, and vehicles. Because we’re not simply shooting at static targets, the attendees in each class must choose, “threat” or “no threat”?  With multiple Pivotal Trainers constantly moving and spread out it makes the officers get out of their comfort zone, constantly scan, and defeat complacency and tunnel vision.  This is stressful and this is as ‘real world’ as we can get.   The Pivotal Trainers are super light and very easy to move around the range to keep different scenarios and threat areas fresh. We upgraded our purchase and also bought the AR 500 steel protect the motor from thrown shots recommend you do the same. 

We can’t say enough great things about this product and quite honestly it elevates our training to a whole new level.  We highly recommend this product for any form of training as ten Pivotal Trainers can be ran by one remote so if you want to do a qualification or stress shoot you can do either.  This is an amazing product that needs to be utilized by every law enforcement agency in the US."


Officer Nick Georgi:

"We just used this target [system] for the first time the other day.  We were very pleased with your target [system] and will get some great training out of them.  You seem to have a great product here and we are very glad we went with these targets!"


K-9 Officer Simon Gresser: 

"We have used them in our training house utilizing our Airsoft guns just the other day. They worked amazing and gave our guys additional ideas and continue to improve our training regiment.

I am looking to order more and want to use them in our K9 program due to the versatility and being able to move them around. I want to use them along our tracks giving the guys some of ambushes with shoot / don't shoot targets. This keeping the handler and the backup officers close.. You were right -  totally all up to your imagination."


Deputy Chief Mike Zegadlo:

"I work for Chief [Name Redacted] at the Park District and my day job is with the University Police. I do all the firearms training for both departments. Each department bought a Pivotal Trainer in the spring. We team train both departments, so we’ve been using the pair of Pivotal Trainers on the range.

I was able develop several drills incorporating the Pivotal Trainer, including a decision “gauntlet” drill and simulated room-entry drill. The Pivotal Trainer performed well in both scenarios. I like the idea that both units respond to the same remote without any additional programming. The transmission range on the remote is sufficient.

Overall, the product is great. Its functionality is simple, user-friendly and accommodates everything I need it to do. The light weight makes it easy to transport. I don’t fully disassemble them to transport them. I break them into four sections to load in my pick-up truck. I appreciate that the motor battery is rechargeable."


Detective Sgt. Jerry Grubbs:

"Just wanted to share some quick photos of the [Pivotal Trainer] targets set up at a training location we used a few days ago.  As you know, finding a location is sometimes the hardest part of planning a training.  We would love to shoot live fire every training but that’s just not reality.  So every chance we get to show the guys something different we take it.  We were permitted to use simunition in this last structure and used the [Pivotal Trainer] targets instead of role players and had a fantastic and freaking hot training, it was 104 in the shade on training day.  Worked out great and kept the guys focused not only on angles and tactics but what I like the most changing threats.   We currently are experimenting with using some home depot finds to fashion a way to lose the bottom of the stand and allow us to hang the target from the movable walls in the live fire shoot house.  Ill certainly let you know what we come up with."  


Kelly O'Neill: Instructor for the State of Texas Department of Criminal Justice

"This system will be an ideal training tool for myself and other officers I train with.  It’s a great benefit to us in speeding up our reaction time, when met with life threatening situations.  Upon receiving the Pivotal Trainer and using it for the first time I knew it was the best investment we could have made for our range.  The system was very easy to assemble and easily moved when needed. 
     In more than 25 years as an officer and instructor I have found very few training aids that will change how I train.  I’m happy to say, this is one of those tools.  The light weight of this unit makes it easy to transport and use in many different training exercises.   Building clearing, traffic stops, and many more.
     I’m sure this is just the first of many units we will be purchasing from you in the future."