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Reactive Shooting Targets - Training With Instant Feedback is More Fun Than Just Training

Triumph Systems is a big family of firearm enthusiasts and trained shooters. We firmly believe that shooting is a skill that needs constant work and in order to be a better handler of firearms one needs to train religiously. But, what’s more fun than just training? It’s training with instant feedback. That’s why we built our offering of Reactive Shooting Targets with that idea in mind.

Our Reactive Targets for Shooting ranges contain 100s of individual cells filled with a water-soluble and environmentally safe gel. As soon as the bullet impacts the target, these cells burst with bright colors providing instant feedback. You will know exactly where you are shooting and you can track your skill progress through multiple sessions. The individual cells also ensure that your target will still provide feedback over 100 times. Love it? Buy a bundle today and start training with Triumph Systems’ Reactive Shooting Targets.

Training With Reactive Targets

Our Range of Reactive Shooting Targets

Stick N Shoot Reactive Targets

Turn any old cardboard or use targets into a Reactive Target instantly.

Shot Seeker Reactive Targets

Your standard bullseye targets made more fun. Shot Seeker Reactive Targets show a bright yellow halo at the impact and these are reusable with the pasties that come with the target. Train hard with Triumph!

Upgrade Your Target Game

Triumph Systems' aim is to bring innovation and fun into the shooting range. Our range of Reactive Targets for Shooting was made with that idea in mind. Shoot interesting targets and train hard with Triumph.


Dive into the world of Shooting Targets and training with experts from Triumph Systems. Learn the various tactics of the trade. As always, train hard and stay frosty.