Home Defense 101


It’s not an easy situation to imagine, and one we never want to find ourselves or our loved ones in. However, should the Home Intruder Scenario become a reality, outcomes vastly differ depending on one’s level of preparedness. Everyone’s circumstances are different, but here are some easy guidelines to consider when creating a plan that is right for you and your family. This plan is modular and can be ramped up or dialed down depending on your unique circumstances.

Heres a little overview: 

  • Secure Your Home - Make sure its well lit and locked up. 
  • Develop Emergency Plan - Make sure you know when and where you are going if needed.
  • Make a Communication Plan - Make sure you can communicate with family members and emergency services.
  • Have a Means To Fight Back - Are you confident and ready to fight if its needed?

Remember, the best home intrusion is the one that never happens. You don’t have to out swim the shark; you just have to not be the slowest swimmer. This means that intruders often look for the easiest target, so just don't be that target. Here are some of my pointers in making sure you're not that target.

Secure Your Home

Ensuring the safety of your home starts with proactive measures. Well-lit surroundings can discourage potential intruders, and motion-triggered lights (like these: https://bit.ly/3rBsgPS) offer an excellent option. Place these lights strategically at entry and exit points. Additionally, trimming shrubbery near windows and doors reduces potential hiding spots for intruders. Strengthen your home's security with deadbolts and reinforced strike plates, or consider applying a laminate film over glass to deter break-ins. Installing cameras over entry and exit points can serve as a visual deterrent, even if they don't actually record anything. Also, displaying the US Flag may also act as a potential deterrent, as it suggests the presence of a gun owner. (Check it Out

Develop & Rehearse Emergency Plan 

Being prepared for a home intrusion means having a well-thought-out emergency plan in place. Establish designated "safe areas" within and around the house, providing your family with multiple response options based on the situation. Be ready to choose between barricading yourself or maneuvering safely through the house. While on the go, always be mindful of concealment and cover options. We will cover those in depth, but for this just know concealment hides you but doesn’t stop bullets while cover does both.  Rehearsing these plans with your family will ensure that everyone knows their role and feels more confident in handling emergencies.

Establish A Communication Plan

Effective communication can be a crucial aspect of surviving a home intrusion. Keep a charged cell phone with you at all times and verify that it receives a strong signal in your area. In case you need help and cannot speak, you need to have a plan to mark your location for responding law enforcement. Items like chem lights (our favorites), strobe lights, a bright-colored shirt or cardboard, and a whistle can help attract attention and aid during day and night situations.

Have A Means To ‘Fight Back’ 

In extreme circumstances where barricading and maneuvering are not viable options, being prepared to defend yourself and your family becomes essential. Firearms can be a viable choice, but they require proper training and periodic practice. Seek instruction from qualified professionals in self-defense preparation. (There’s also an awesome new app called BRASS, check it out here.) It's important to be mentally prepared to take decisive action if the situation demands it. Other defensive tools like less than lethals, such as Tasers, pepper spray, knives, and bats can also provide a means to fight back. Unconventional items, such as a fire extinguisher or a pot of hot coffee, can serve as surprising defensive tools. Admit it, we’ve all thought about Home Alone.


Remember, these guidelines are intended to help you consider and develop a plan that best suits your unique situation. Regular practice and review will ensure that you and your family are better prepared to handle any potential home intrusion. 

Always prioritize your safety and, when needed, seek advice from professionals in the field.

- Jared Ogden

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