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    About Us Image - Jared

    We are the grateful souls… the keepers of the torch for those men and women who’ve lived lives oath-bound to protect life and Liberty, who gave their measure of devotion for that noble cause. Before we were soldiers, we were sons and grandsons of soldiers. Protecting those that need protection is in our DNA. It’s a calling, a life’s work, and it’s a tradition. Learning to respect a weapon was a rite of passage… and honing the craft - an imperative. The world we live in today is complex, dynamic, and quickly changing. Threats to life and Liberty manifest in ways that prior generations couldn’t begin to imagine. At Triumph Systems, we aim to extend the great American tradition of bearing arms. We provide a wide array of training tools, all of which heighten the enjoyment from training with those arms. Our products enhance one’s ability to be self-reliant and harvest sustenance in an ethical manner.  Our mission is to provide the best training tools to all Americans who understand that they - the individual - are the first responder in times of crisis. In high adrenaline situations one doesn’t rise to the occasion, but rather sinks to their level of training. When that situation does arise, we want you to emerge Triumphant. If you intend to be the best, train with Triumph Systems.