Fred in hatFred Ruiz

Former Navy SEAL / Private Instructor

Fred began his love for firearms the day he was old enough to buy his first handgun.  He soon learned about competitive shooting sports and joined his local Miami, FL IDPA and USPSA shooting clubs. Fred credits much of his passion and success to the clubs members that guided him as a shooter. 

Being part of the shooting sports exposed Fred to law enforcement officers and former military veterans.  He realized he wanted to serve the community or country in some capacity, so he joined the U.S. Navy where he elected to become a SEAL.  During his service to our country, he graduated from the Naval Special Warfare Sniper School, along with numerous other qualifications, and has multiple deployments supporting the Global War on Terrorism.  Fred completed his nine years of service as a small unit tactics instructor for deploying SEAL teams.

Fred now resides in Las Vegas, NV and has since traveled the country teaching private shooting and tactics courses.  He has recently launched his own training company, Method Enterprises, which specializes in private custom firearms training for individual or corporate clients.

Fred continues to be an avid competitive shooter in multiple disciplines and regularly competes in regional and national level pistol and 3-Gun competitions.  He is a member of the Primary Weapons Systems shooting team, is supported by numerous other industry sponsors, and uses his position to promote and be a positive advocate of shooting sports and gun culture.

 “I’m thankful to be a part of Triumph Systems because I believe in the product and the education it provides.  Having trained hundreds of people in defensive shooting and tactics, I believe that mindset is the most powerful armament.  Threat Down target systems serve as the next step in sharpening mindset by moving away from conventional paper target training.” ~ Fred Ruiz