John Nores Jr.

John Nores Jr. on a mountain top with a goat

John Nores Jr.

California LEO/Special Tactics Unit

Under the guidance of a conservation oriented family, John became an outdoor enthusiast and hunter at the early age of 9. Under the guidance of his father he hunted all over the west coast, and John quickly developed a passion for the outdoors.

With a love for wildlife and our nation’s wild lands, John earned a BS and MS degree from San Jose State University before becoming a game warden for the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife in 1992. In 2005 John promoted to Lieutenant, continuing his mission to protect and defend our nation’s wildlife resources. John has investigated environmental crime and wildlife resource destruction for the last 28 years, and was awarded the Governor’s Medal of Valor for lifesaving and leadership efforts in 2008. He’s received numerous other awards for valor, life-saving, and distinguished service throughout his career, and his first book, “War in the Woods: Combating the Marijuana Cartels on America’s Public Lands,” is in development for a feature film.

In 2013 John co-developed the Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET), the CDFW’s first comprehensive wilderness spec ops tactical unit, aimed at combatting the marijuana cartel’s decimation of California’s wildlife resources. The MET has been featured on Fox News, NBC Investigative Reports, CNN, and Dan Rather Reports. Lt. Nores and his team are featured in three seasons of National Geographic channel’s award winning game warden reality television series, “Wild Justice,” and also highlighted in the Sportsman Channel’s award winning NRA: Life of Duty documentary TV series. John has written articles for Combat Tactics Magazine, blogs for Nosler Bullets and KUIU Ultralight Hunting, and is also a member of the Camillus Knives Pro Staff.

John is a national and international conservation tactics instructor, and has taught rifle, handgun, shotgun and basic and advanced sniper craft for the last 20 years. John is a worldwide big game hunter, back packer, two time Baja Ironman ATV racer, and two-time Ironman triathlete finisher.

John’s conservation related outreach has generated financial support for the California Wildlife Officers Foundation since its inception, as he is dedicated to gaining support for conservation officers and their families worldwide.

Since dedicating his life to protecting and enjoying our nation’s wildlife resources, John spends his free time adventuring in the wilds around the world. As both a tactical team leader and avid hunter, John is proud and honored to be part of the Triumph Pro Staff. Triumph systems are ideally suited for both tactical shooting and conservation related hunting applications, and Triumph products are used by John and his spec ops team for all aspects of tactical training and hunting proficiency preparation.