Pay Layton

Pay Layton in a scenic mountain photo

Pat Layton

Combat Veteran/Former Navy SEAL

Patrick served for eight years as a commissioned officer in the US Navy SEAL Teams.  He is honored and humbled to have led our nation’s best on four Naval Special Warfare deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, and has traveled extensively throughout the broader
Middle East in support of CENTCOM objectives.   His decorations include multiple Bronze Star Medals and the Combat Action Ribbon.

Growing up in rural Kentucky, Patrick gained a respect for firearms and an understanding of the fundamentals of marksmanship the same way he learned to value hard work and integrity – from his father.  Those disciplines served him well during his time in the military and remain important to him as he’s transitioned to civilian life.  He hopes to pass them along to his own growing family in years to come.

Participation as a member of Triumph Systems Pro Staff is exciting to Patrick on a number of levels.  Hours on the range in the NSW community gave him a clear understanding of the value of a reactive target, and Triumph’s lineup provides a comparable effect for shooters without the resources of the US Government.

Above all, Patrick believes that the current generation of combat veterans has unique and valuable perspectives gained over 15 years of hard fighting.  He thinks that vets have an obligation to channel this commitment to excellence into the endeavors they pursue after leaving the military. He’s proud to support the Triumph Systems team as they tackle this challenge head on.