High Ready Or Low Ready?

Since I was born, operators and tacticians of all types (including Call of Duty “warriors" :P) have engaged in a meaningful discussion regarding the optimal way to carry a firearm when not holstered or slung:  High Ready or Low Ready?

As a practitioner of both, it’s my opinion that the situation dictates and as such, it’s important to be well versed with both.  For example, when being carried by boat to an objective, the high ready makes a lot of sense the same way it makes sense to be in the low ready when on a helicopter.  And believe me, I’ve had my fair share of Army friends tell me, ‘You Navy SEALs like the high ready so that in the event of a negligent discharge, you don’t sink the boat.’  This of course is followed by laughter and chuckles and I simply chalk it up to humor and brotherly rivalry.  

That said, this humorous statement validates my point that literally, the situation dictates and the end-user should be well versed with both so that he or she can best adapt to the environment in which they are operating.

It is important that you practice and train for different situations such as this using Electronic target systems, Firearm training targets, Turning target systems, etc. so that your brain automatically switches between high-ready and low-ready based on the situation. 

Here are a few things to chew on as you digest this…  and by all means, please leave your comments below.
  • Get out of your comfort zone.  When you train the exact same way every single time, you’re not being as productive as you can.  Training is meant to be tough and challenging… this is how we learn and improve.
  • Train until you can’t get it wrong.  I hear a lot of people say that they train until they get it right, but that’s not good enough, especially where the consequences for poor performance / slow reaction time is can be your life or worse – the life of a loved one / teammate.
  • Two is one and one is none.  This saying reinforces the importance of redundancy and explains why we always carry a rifle and a pistol down range.  If one system goes down, we have back ups.  Same is true with TTP’s.  Brass tacks is that having options increases survivability.

Check out this great content Carry Trainer posted of Dave Spaulding who is a renowned handgun trainer and firearms instructor for law enforcement:

For more information about Carry Trainer go to: www.carrytrainer.com 
For more information on Dave Spaulding go to: https://handguncombatives.com/
Until next time, train hard and stay frosty.

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