How to Select the Best Shooting Targets for Beginners? And Top 5 Shooting Targets

Since 2020, the number of new gun owners has drastically increased. From an industry insider, this is super exciting, but it’s important to realize that’s just the first step. Now, you need to get out and actually shoot your firearm. Becoming proficient in manipulating your platform and understanding how it works is vital. There’s nothing worse than finding out you don’t know how to use something when you actually need to use it. Making basic assumptions, you may be in the population of new gun owners who are looking to take this next step. Let’s get into it. 


Being fellow gun guys/gals, shooting target aficionados, and training sticklers, we want to people to be informed and make the most of their time on the range. All our, specially designed, products are made just for people like you.  However, choosing the right blend of Shooting range targets is very important.  I’m sure you did your research on YouTube and Google, but that is simply not enough. It is not rocket science, but you definitely need someone (or a team) with prior experience in this avenue to help you. That’s exactly what we intend to do from this article. We want to help you understand the basics and choose your shooting targets wisely. Maximizing training, fun, and of course use of ammo. 

So, what’s important to start your shooting training journey? Honestly, it depends on a lot of factors. The journey is different for each person. For some it’s for fun and relaxation, for some it is rigorous training and skill development. But, the intent is important. Well, intent and which platforms you are using…

Basic Types of Firearms

While we could spend HOURS on this, brass tacks is that there are a few different types of guns available for beginners to become familar with. Although it looks cool, we don’t recommend you start your training with the ones Arnold used in Terminator. Start with the ones that are pertinent to what you are training for, and then treat yourself to more advanced platforms as your skill improves. Following are the basic types of firearms and some suggestions on how to begin your training. 


Handguns are incredibly popular amogst first time gunowners. The ease of use, size, and comfortablilty to handle lends to their use worldwide. Don’t take them lightly because of their size, developing the groundwork for handguns can take alot of practice. These are the best and go-to kind of firearm for everyday carrying. They can be quick, lightweight, and can be the difference maker in a number of situations.

Additionally, they are the most practical way to start your training as a first time gun buyer, due to ease of acquiring ammo, size, and price point. Most handguns are around 6 to 7 inches long and weigh around 18 to 22oz. They are easy to conceal/deploy and are apt for short range encounters. Handguns like the Glock 19 (my personal favorite),  1911 style firearms (two world wars), Springfield XD, and Smith & Wesson M&P have alot of aspects that are great for new shooters. 


Rifles are a classic and popular among gun lovers. There are different kinds of rifles and it can be super exciting (and intimidating) your first time using one. As a beginner, contrary to what most people believe, we suggest trying AR style platforms. They are best suited for beginners. In the present gun market, they are available in different varieties, price points, and features. The best part is you can customize them to fit any of your needs.

Suggestion From Jeffrey King: You can check out BRO-SPEC15 from Black Rain Ordnance. It's one of my personal favorites. I’ve taken it with me to the range for training and demo days time in and out. The weight, trigger, and design are bar none. The best part is it’s perfect for beginners all the way to experts. 


Scatter guns, boom sticks, or shotguns? Different names, same great platform.  This very popular firearm is a favorite amongst hunters, home defense, and recreational sport shooting.  While choosing a shotgun, check its weight, recoil, capacity, price, and action type. You can choose Remington 870 express, Mossberg Model 500, and Benelli Nova to kick off your introduction into shotguns.

Shooting Range Products for Beginners

Training can be fun with the right safety gear. But, you know whats not fun? Racking your firearm, looking around to make sure everyone knows the range is hot, and sending a round downrange followed by a very lound ringing sensation because you forgot your ear pro was around your leg. Often overlooked by beginners, because they are not thinking about the safety gear surrounding shooting, but this is an aspect of the gun world that is extremly important. Following are some shooting range gear you must have before you start your training. 

Eye protection- It is mandatory. Don’t compromise. Period. Get Shooting range protective eyewear of the best quality. Check the products for their quality and certifications to ensure that they are safe and durable. You get what you pay for. Protect your eyes. 

Ear protection- These help in protecting your eardrums from the high dBs generated while shooting. It is necessary to have high-quality ear protection in the shooting range to protect your hearing. My recommendation is get an electronic noise canceling pair, that you can leave on while not shooting at the range. That way you are not yelling the entire day and can hear the people around you.

Range Bag - Get the best range bags for your need. Make sure that your range bag has good room for your firearms, ammo, ear and eye pro, cleaning kits, etc. When it comes to firearm training in the range, a shooting range bag is absolutely essential. 

Types of Shooting Range Targets for Beginners

Feeling comfortable with your firearm, You need to practice, practice, and practice. But, before that, you need to choose the right targets for your guns and calibers. Selecting the top shooting range target for beginners involves multiple factors. Some of the factors are discussed below, 


There are four basic materials when it comes to shooting targets:

  • Paper Targets
  • Clay Targets
  • Polymer Targets
  • Steel Targets

 Each material is suitable for a particular task. As a beginner, you should select the right material for your Shooting training targets based on what you are wanting to do! 

Paper Targets

Paper targets for Shooting are popular and versatile options. Here are the pros and cons 

  • Easy to track the shot groups
  • It's better when you need to zero
  • Best suitable for competition to tally scores
  • At a distance, it is tough to check the shots with a naked eye

Clay Targets

Clay targets are best suitable for sport practivce, like trap and skeet. These brittle targets are a fun element in the shooting range and break up into a cloud of dust. It is best suited for single-time use. But, they can also bee a fun addition to a rifle or handgun range day. 

Polymer Targets

Polymer targets have minimal damage and a higher lifespan. In most of the shooting ranges, they are used as ground targets. These target are a little more fun and unpredictable, as they tend to bounce when they’re shot. 

Steel Targets

Steel targets are the stars of this present Era. They have major popularity among shooters. In comparison with other materials, this is highly durable and has a greater lifetime. You hear the distinct "ting" every time you hit the target. On the other hand, they are pretty heavy and hard to move around. If you are looking for longevity, you should go with Steel targets for shooting.  


If you are training to improve your accuracy, then Precision shooting targets are the best option The fun is always in the accuracy. Bullseye targets can improve breathing, accuracy, and trigger control. These targets are best suited for high-caliber rifles, but can also be used when training with handguns. They are flexible to use and always easy to carry. 


Feedback targets provide immediate feedback on your shooting skill. For example, you can use a Reactive shooting target. They show a big shot burst with a bright yellow halo or other indicators in the impact location.  

Moving Targets

These targets are dynamic and can be used to train your focus, motor, and decision making skills. These targets can move and twist. It improves readiness and the presence of mind. Most importantly, Moving targets can help you train and be ready for real-life situations better than other kinds of targets. 

Top 5 Shooting Range Targets for Beginners from Triumph Systems

Looking for recommendations on choosing your Shooting Training targets as a beginner or even great Holiday gifts? Following are some of the best targets, sold by Triumph Systems, that would suit the needs of beginners with varying interests. Let us know what you think about our products in the comments below. 

1) Downwind - Cardboard Deer Shooting Target

If you are interested in hunting, just like our lot at Triumph Systems, then our Downwind cardboard shooting target might interest you. No matter what you use for hunting, be it a shotgun, rifle, or bow, this target serves your need best. This can be mounted on any plain or any surface and can be the right companion for your day at the outdoor range. 

The possibilities are endless. You can train your speed, precision, and so on and so forth. Combine this with our Stick N Shoot bleeding targets, this would show you instant feedback and help you train better. Focus on your position, angle of shooting, etc., and improve yourself before the next hunting season. 

Product Link:

2) Fusion AR500 Steel Shooting Targets

When Steel shooting targets for firearm training, we have a range of products to offer. What is your need? Are you planning on pistols? Want to train and hone your long-range skills with rifles? Do you want to mount it on the soil? Or want some human silhouettes in steel for practice? 

Be it anything for any caliber of weapons Triumph Systems got you covered. All our steel targets are made of hardened and certified AR500-grade steel. The targets can be used for the long term without having to worry about changing them. The longevity and flexibility of these targets are major advantages and are the main reasons for the sale of these targets. 

So, hurry up and find your steel shooting target now! Make your range dynamic with the different setups that our Fusion targets offer. Train your aim and stance.

Product Link: 

3) Bullseye Precision Targets

These are the most commonly used Shooting targets (both in movies and real life). They are used for precision training and can improve your range and accuracy with time. What sets Triumph Systems’ bullseye targets apart is the visibility and different prints we offer. 

Our bullseye targets are named ‘Pop Up Bullseye Targets’ and rightly so. Each target contains 10 bullseye targets that can pop up and be mounted anywhere on cardboard stands attached to the board. Each target is of different size and can be separated from the board for dynamic practice setups. 

These targets work great with our Shot Seeker reactive adhesive targets. Knock down bullseye shooting targets and get instant feedback from reactive targets. Only your imagination is the limit for the kind of training you can have with this combination of targets.  

Product Link:

4) Pop Pack Bursting Targets

Have you watched those YouTube videos where people shoot bottle filled with color gels and stuff? Cool, isn’t it? And satisfying. Shooting bottles is not the most safest sport. We, at Triumph Systems, don’t advise unsafe shooting. But, what if we told you that we can give you the same with our range of bursting targets? All you need for a fun outdoor range day is a set of Pop Packs Bursting targets, some cardboards and nails to hang them. 

Refine your marksmanship with cognitive shooting drills while having fun. Pop packs come in packs of 10. Each pack contains packs with unique colors and shape combination. This way it can also be used to conduct ‘call out’ drills, thereby training your target identification skills. Combined with our steel and other range of targets pop packs can be the most visually pleasing thing to watch as you shoot down each pack. 

Product Link:

5) Pivotal Trainer - Turning Target Systems 

Pivotal trainers - Turning Target System are the most premium products that Triumph Systems offer. These patented designs are made to improve cognitive and discretionary training. The products are famous and mostly used by professionals to train for stressful real life situations. 

The targets come with a stand, motor setup, and remote control that would turn the targets on set regular time intervals or on click and command. These targets are highly useful to train for real-life threat/no threat situations. These come with 2 Year extended warranty and can be used for setting up various real life based situations. Order your Pivotal Trainer today! Start training hard with Triumph!

Product Link:


It's time to take your game to the next level. Every target has a method to increase your shooting skills. To select your niche, you should try them out first. Gear up, take your gun, and try out our premium targets.

Shooting is fun when done with utmost care. Triumph systems offer the best Shooting range targets for beginners. Our Gun shooting targets are of top-notch quality. Take a look for yourself and decide. We also offer free shipping on certain purchases. Get in touch with us now! 

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