The Importance of Physical Fitness in Firearm Training


As someone who's been involved in both fitness and firearms for a long time (over 10+ years now), I can't stress enough how important it is to be both physically fit and train harder in the range in order to be an expert in handling firearms. While it's easy to believe that just owning a firearm will keep you safe, it's simply not true. I can’t tell you how many people I come across on a regular basis that are proud to own a gun, but openly admit to never training. Without proper physical fitness and firearms training, you may not be able to react quickly and effectively in an emergency situation.

In any fight or flight situation, your mind and body must work together for a better chance of survival. In any given real-life situation, the chances of you being in an open space and firing back is fantastical. Survival is the ultimate aim of self-defense and physical training is part of any and every tactical shooting training. You constantly moving, taking cover, and using concealment effectively. And that is the only way to increase your chances of survival. You simply cannot move all of a sudden if you have been lagging in your physical training for years.

Importance of Physical Fitness in Firearm Training

Physical Fitness Training

Physical fitness is a major component of firearms training and self-defense. By definition, physical fitness means being able to perform everyday activities without experiencing fatigue or exhaustion. (Besides walking upstairs. I don’t care how physically fit you are, walking up two or more flights of stairs will always make you out of breath.)  ANYWAY, This is essential for handling firearms, as you need to have a steady hand, good aim, and quick reaction times. Regular exercise can improve all of these physical attributes, making you more effective and confident when using a firearm. 

If you are following a proper physical fitness regimen along with your shooting range training, you’ll be sharp. Period. Physical strength along with firearms proficiency will help you make swift decisions and react responsibly. It will help you stand firm when appropriate, retreat when possible and required, and ultimately help you manage the physiological responses associated with fear.

What About My Firearm Training and Skill?

Range Ready

Firearms proficiency is as important as your physical health, for it is much more than just self-defense. Whether you're an avid hunter or just enjoy shooting as a hobby, knowing how to handle different types of firearms and practicing proper shooting techniques can improve your accuracy and control. This translates into a more enjoyable experience and a greater sense of confidence when using firearms. Especially in a self-defense scenario. You don’t want your first time drawing from your holster and putting a round downrange, under stress, to be when it’s life or death. FORTUNATELY, the cool guys at Triumph Systems have made the Pivotal Trainer turning target system to help train for just that. (Shameless product plug.)

Combining Physical Fitness and Firearm Training

But how does physical fitness and firearms proficiency relate to each other, you might ask? Actually, the connection is significant. Being physically fit can help you improve your accuracy and reaction time while handling firearms, while firearms training can also contribute to overall physical fitness. For example, practicing shooting drills can provide a cardiovascular workout, while carrying a firearm can also serve as a form of resistance training. 

If you're interested in combining fitness and firearms training, it's important to seek guidance from a professional and follow safety guidelines. Your training regimen should include a balanced mix of cardio, strength training, and firearms training exercises. It's also essential to choose the right types of exercises that can help improve your shooting skills, such as yoga for stability and breathing techniques for improved focus. If you feel like you’re in a really good place, check out The Tactical Games. They are the ultimate test if you think you are good with a gun and athletic. Doing one of their events will IMMEDIATELY expose your weak spots. Plus, they’re super fun.

Triumph Systems Tactical Shooting Drills

At Triumph Systems, our mission is to design and build world-class training systems that reinvent cognitive and discretionary training. Our range of products includes Reactive targets, Steel Shooting targets, Hunting targets for shooting, etc. designed and manufactured in the USA. 

Below are some of the Tactical Shooting Drills that we performed with our range of Pivotal Trainer Turning Target Systems. Need some help or guidance from expert firearm trainers? Reach out to us today!


In conclusion, physical fitness and firearms proficiency are both essential for self-defense and overall health and well-being. By incorporating both into your life, you can improve your strength, accuracy, and reaction time, while also reducing stress and anxiety. Plus, you’ll be happier than you have ever been in your life. (I can’t promise that, but it might happen.) So, whether you're already an experienced shooter or just getting started, take the time to focus on your physical fitness and firearms training. You'll be glad you did when it really counts. As the great Garand Thumb says, “If you’re not fit, you’re gunna die.” 

Stay safe and train hard. - Jeff

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  • Taylor Abrams

    I love what you said about how the ability to handle weapons more accurately and quickly may be improved by being physically fit, and firearms training can also help you become more physically fit. You said that shooting drills, for instance, may give you a cardiovascular workout, and carrying a gun can provide you with a type of strength training. Let me share this with my husband who is trying to convince me to let him buy a pistol for our safety. I’ll only agree if he gets a firearms safety class first.

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