Is Axe Throwing...

 When I googled “Is Axe Throwing”, it was interesting to see how google auto populated this entry!  I will share my thoughts on Google’s top five and close with my personal thoughts about Axe Throwing!  I’m really excited to write this blog because not too long ago, I made a backer out of wood from Home Depot that’s perfect for backyard throwing!  

  •  Is axe throwing fun

    Yes, axe throwing is A LOT of fun.  Axe throwing bars are popping up all over the country and I highly encourage you to go to one!  Just around the corner from my office is the Lumberjack Saloon.  Triumph Systems had a team building event there and it was great!

    • Is axe throwing an olympic sport

    I have no idea.  If you’re curious google it!

    • Is axe throwing dangerous

    I suppose anything can be dangerous.  Use common sense and comply with the rules of the venue you’re at and you’ll be fine :)

    • Is axe throwing a good workout

    It’s exhilarating and when you get a good ‘stick’ on the target it’s feels like a great drive from the tee box, but no, it’s not a particularly great workout… sorry to disappoint the lumberjacks out there (myself included) trying to convince their wives otherwise

    • Is axe throwing safe during pregnancy

    Not sure… I think so, but I’ve never been pregnant.  I would consult your doctor (Sorry google)


    In closing, I think axe throwing is a great activity and highly encourage it to everyone interested!  Axe throwing bars are popping up all over our country (and our targets are great for this!!!), but if there’s not one close by and if you have a backyard to throw in, check out my design and made with $50 dollars with of lumber and glue… if you use my plan, remember that ply wood goes on the back!

    Let us know what you think and please send us comments and pictures!

    As always train hard and stay frosty!

    knife throwing board


    axe throwing board




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