Our Family keeps getting stronger!

Our Family keeps getting stronger! Welcome, Luke Randall, our newest member of Pro Staff.

"Starting at a very young age, my father who was a former Army Sniper and Professional Hunter taught me a tremendous amount about shooting at close and far range. At the age of five I shot my first deer. From that moment on, I had a gun or fishing pole with me at all times, if not both. Living a blessed life by growing up in the lodge industry, and being able to teach hundreds of people how to properly use a firearm has taught me the importance of being capable to place a shot quickly and accurately every time... as it could mean more than your pride. When you’re dealing with animals that will hunt you back, you have to be able to point and shoot on pure instinct. The only way to do that is by practicing off hand. I have a walk through shooting course at my lodge using the Triumph Systems - Shooting targets and everyone loves it, even more than our long range course. I’m honored and proud to be part of Triumph Systems as it educates everyone to shoot accurately, increasing people's reaction time. "

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