Situational Awareness

In every sense of phrase "Situational Awareness”, it is the currency that buys you time….  Time to further assess.  Time to avoid, escape, or evade.  Time to deescalate.  Time to make a plan.  Time to act.  
When it comes to the practical application of situational awareness as it pertains to everyday life, I think is important to challenge the notion that violent crime is or is largely random.  With most acts of violent crime, there is a motive and the target is selected for a reason.  While reasons and rationale for victim or target selection can vary widely, a person showing a high level of situational awareness is less likely to be targeted simply because that person likely would be a greater challenge to the would-be attacker.  A few things to think about as it relates to situational awareness:
  • Diversions - A lot of times, a crime is committed following or during some type of diversion.  Think about the classic ‘bump and grab’ pickpocket trick.  Just watch this fun, 60 second video that illustrates how effective diversions can be:  

  • Avoidance – Avoiding the situation is the best defense and those who are situationally aware can better avoid these types of situations
  • Use of Force – Remember as a CCW / CHL carrier (or in the case, an open carry citizen), you need to avoid and deescalate to the best of you ability – use of force is a last resort and when all other options are exhausted.  This video is a good example:  

You might be thinking ‘What is the best way to improve my situational awareness?’ The most obvious answer to that question is training. Training on different landscapes and different setups is the safest way to improve your situational awareness. 

Get your training gear such as moving target systems, reactive shooting targets, firearm training targets, etc. from Triumph Systems and start practicing. Setup different situations and targets so that you can hone your sharpness to the environment and be better prepared for real-life situations.
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Train hard and stay frosty.

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