Thanksgiving and Hippos

Preparing Thanksgiving for all the deployed troops overseas is no easy task and while I don’t recall if the food was good or bad during my several Thanksgivings overseas, I do recall a tremendous effort by support staff to give the dining facility a sense of the holiday we cherish so much as Americans! 

As you enjoy your downtime with friends and family remember take a moment to remind those around you that we are able to get together because so many good people (past and present) stand guard ready to defend our freedom, traditions, and way of life!  Thank you!

Here are some fun facts about feeding the troops overseas….  Granted the statistics are from a few years ago, however this provides interesting perspective and gives you something to think about!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!  

Train hard and stay frosty!

In 2015, the Defense Logistics Agency said it shipped out the following quantities of food:

  • 34,760 pounds of turkey
  • 32,550 pounds of beef
  • 21,450 pounds of ham
  • 879 gallons of eggnog
  • 9,114 pounds of stuffing mix

In case your brain can’t quantify that, those things are the equivalent of the following items, respectively:

  • 16 adult female hippos
  • 15 Smart cars
  • 25 male zebras
  • 47 full kegs of beer
  • 334 gold bars

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