The Elusive BIGFOOT and the Importance of Target ID!!!

We found this article in the morning and decided to stress the importance of Target ID with it. It is high time people take target ID seriously to become responsible owners of firearms. Without discipline and situational awareness, firearms are dangerous even in the hands of a good person.
Watch this 60-second video and you’ll be reminded of the importance of target identification!


A man from Montanna has reportedly taken a shot at what he thought was the BIGFOOT.  He’s quoted saying, “I don’t target practice — but if I see something that looks like Bigfoot, I just shoot at it.”

Thankfully the man was not a good shooter. If not, the situation wouldn’t have been something we pass as a joke. As American citizens, it is our fundamental right to carry firearms to stay safe. With that being said, it is also important that we understand the responsibility that comes with having one. 

It is important that we become conscious users of firearms. Take firearm training often and keep yourself sharp. Train with Moving target systems, Turning target systems, Reactive shooting targets, etc. to improve your target ID skills. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

Train hard and stay frosty (and if someone is shooting at you because they think you look like bigfoot - - - take cover!)

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Triumph Systems is a Shooting target and training systems manufacturer, based out in St. Louis, MO. Founded by former Navy SEAL Jared Ogden in 2015, our mission is to provide cognitive and discretionary training to the citizens of the United States of America and the people from Law Enforcement Agencies. We strive to make everyone responsible user of firearms. All our products are designed, developed, and manufactured by the Americans and for the Americans. We are approved & recommended by the NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association). To learn more about Triumph Systems & our products please feel free to email us at: or call us anytime at 314-882-4324.

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  • Sue Johnston

    Yeah, and then he had the NERVE to say he should have been wearing orange… basically justifying his own poor judgement and stupid decision… hey DUMBASS, know what the heck you’re shooting at before you press the trigger!

  • Raymond

    Even if there really are Bigfoot out there. Anyone who would shoot at it just to say, look what I shot, should be shot there self along with their whole Gene Pool. Hopefully no kids go out dresser up playing in the woods around this jack-ass ! People who think like he does, should not own firearms.

  • Art Tafil

    Guys like this Moron are what give “Responsible” gun enthusiasts The bad rap! This guy and all like him are “DOUCHE BAGS”!

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