When “Sensible Restrictions” Create More Potential Victims

Firearm magazine confiscation set to begin in New Jersey after the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals fails to reverse a law set in place of June of 2018 that deems having magazines with a 10 or more round capacity as a crime punishable by fines and / or time in prison.  Under this law, citizens were given 180 days to surrender, permanently modify, or transfer such magazines to someone who can legally posses them.  This is extended to local and state law enforcement officers who would otherwise carry their issued pistols while off duty as well as to and from their duty station – most law enforcement issued pistols come with magazines that have more than 10 round capacity. 
This legislation opens the door (pun intended) to door-to-door confiscation of contraband.  Imagine a world where legislatures mandate Law Enforcement coming to your house with weapons they are supposed to confiscating.
This is a slippery slope because while the onslaught of attacks against our Second Amendment rights continues under the auspice of “sensible restrictions” (from bullets to bump stocks and gun free zones to bans on a variety of guns and accessories) attacks against our citizens has not. 
Former Navy SEAL Dom Raso, sited in this article, said it best:  “Why would you want to ban the gun you pray for police to show up with?” in reference to how gun legislation didn’t stop violence in San Bernardino or at the Boston Marathon.  The irony is that Law Enforcement armed with AR-15’s (subject to so much scrutiny) is what stopped these events. 
I take it one step further by saying an armed citizen class is a safe citizen class.   Look back over all the active shooter events that occurred in 2018 and imagine how much less irreversible damage would have been done if a ‘good guy with a gun’ was there to stop these tragic events early on and much faster than it take Law Enforcement to mobilize and respond. 
Show me the legislation that will keep my family and me safe and I’ll support it.  Until then, I want the bad guy guessing who is carrying. 
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