Female Triumphant over Escaped Inmate / Home Invasion

Imagine waking up in your bed at home to the crash of an exterior door being kicked in.  This immediately followed by a large man in an orange prison jumpsuit approaching your bedroom who is armed with a knife sharpener from your kitchen. 
This is what happened to a South Carolina woman this morning at 3 a.m. according to the #AssociatedPress whose identity is being protected at present.  
If that’s not scary enough, she was home alone and this was a one-on-one showdown. 
Despite what sounds like horrible odds, she was triumphant largely in part due to the fact that she’s a permitted concealed carrying firearm owner.  On top of that, she’s prepared psychologically and physically ready to defend herself.
A quite impressive feat as she was undoubtedly disoriented; the female was able to neutralize the prison escapee, identified as Bruce McLaughlin Jr, by responsibly discharging her firearm.  Likely, this occurred in a low light environment and I applaud her for quick thinking and swift actions that likely saved her life and stopped a crazy, escaped inmate. 
In this situation, there are no time outs; no second chances; and no time to call 911.
3 simple things you can do to be prepared.
1)    Mindset Matters:  Don’t be a victim of the “it won’t happen to me” attitude.  Nobody is immune from violent acts.
2)    Mitigate Risk:  Have a plan in place so everyone in the household knows what to do / how to respond in this situation.  Additionally, here are 5 passive things you can do to deter home invaders.
3)    Muscle Memory:  Not only practice your mitigation plan (example: the family knows where to consolidate, how to barricade, and communicate with Law Enforcement), but also practice and stay proficient with your firearm in similar conditions to how would-be-victim saved herself this morning!

Remember, when violence happens one good man with a gun and the right firearm training can save all the lives. Don’t be ignorant. Start practicing today with turning target systems, electronic target systems, etc. to stay sharp. 

Stay frosty and train hard.

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