Pursuit Channel's Modern Shooter- John Nores

We hope the New Year is off to a great start… For us in the Firearm Industry, the New Year is the lull before the storm kicks off.  The storm being SHOT Show which we will be exhibiting at this year… but more on that later!

I want this blog post to focus on a friend of ours whose New Year has also been a lull before his storm for the past 15 plus years – his storm is the fight against the cartels and their illegal grow sites budding across our great nation.

His name is John Nores and you may recognize him from his three season's on National Geographic Channel's Wild Justice, Sportsman Channel's Patriot Profiles, and Pursuit Channel's Modern Shooter.  Also, John is on our Pro Staff.

It was through my friendship with John that I learned to what extend these grow sites cause danger to our population and lands they occupy.  Of course, these sites can produce millions of dollars of revenue and as such, cartel will defend them by use of force.  This creates a public safety issue, but one of the lesser known danger is in regard to the chemicals used to fertilize the plants horrible for the environment.  Runoff from these chemicals and can cause severe damage miles and miles away.  

It’s quite fascinating and scary to learn more about this issue… and in some cases in our backyard (foreshadowing for the link below)…

To see John’s story unfold and how he prepares for the storm, click on the link and watch episode 1 of Modern Shooter that just aired on Pursuit Channel!

As always, train hard and stay frosty.

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