Top 10 Gifts for Under $50

With it being the Holiday Season and Christmas less than two weeks away, here is our CEO’s Top 10 for under $50!  Great gift ideas for those who love the great outdoors and understand the importance of being self-reliable!
Everything on the list below is our CEO personally stands behind!  Here we go…
1)    The most innovative targets to hit the shooting world in decades!  Triumph Systems is running a great deal on their Threat Down Silhouette bleeding targets!  The “monster series” is what I recommend.  These targets will provide tons of fun at the range for shooters of all ages.  This three pack of targets is just under $40!
2)    The Ravenous Hatchet by Camillus is a great stand-alone gift for the great outdoors.  It’s only $37 and is one of my favorite throwing hatchets that I use with Threat Down Silhouettes.  Here are step-by-step instructions for my hatchet throwing target board!
3)    We all know the importance of first impressions.  As it relates to your hunting rifle, this is no longer a problem because now Kryptek offers a stencil kit for under $40.  This pattern not only looks cool at the lodge or range, but is also incredibly effective in the field!
4)    Keep all your range gear organized and in one place with the Patrol Bag by Propper.  I like this bag because it’s literally a one stop shop for my standard safety equipment, blow out kit, and field expedient cleaning station!  Use promo code ‘JARED35’ to get 35% of your first purchase!
5)    The made to order Liberator by L.A.G. Tactical coming in at around $45.  Their custom work is great and turn-around time fast!  You pick gun model, color, angle, holster position, belt attachment system, and they can accommodate any special considerations (light after market light attachments)!  Use promo code “ogden10” to receive a 10% discount!
6)    My very own folding knife by Camillus, the NS 8B, for around $40. Between the classic black-on-black look, smooth as butter opening system, ergonomically designed handle with texture for grip, and highly functional (drop point blade on one side and window crasher on the other), you’ll have a timeless piece to pass down to the next generation!  This knife was designed to honor the life of my friend and fallen comrade, Navy SEAL Patrick Feeks.
7)    Personal friend and American Patriot – Dana Loesch’s Hands off my Gun is a must read!  A deeper look into our Second Amendment, what our Founding Fathers envisioned, and how to protect it.  Pick up a copy at Barnes and Noble for about $15!
8)    A perfect gift by Bottle Breacher for the downstairs bar or to bring to the weekend BBQ’s!  A talking piece from the US arsenal, the 30mm bottle opener, stands out, is handy to have around, and comes in at just under $50!  Check it out – many options to choose from and guaranteed delivery before Christmas!
9)    Check out this highly functional, virtually indestructible (and waterproof) Cache by VSSL!  It needs to be inside your car and go bag!  This Cache comes with an oil filled compass and emergency light along with a 9” x 2” cavity that you can customize with gear specific for your needs!
10) We began with Triumph Systems and will end with them.  Coming soon – a quarterly subscription…  With this subscription, you’ll be set up every quarter with seasonal targets!  This subscription guarantees to have fun at the range!  Send us an email for details and to get signed up!
I hope you enjoyed reading through my Top 10 Under $50!  Leave your thoughts below and take advantage of the discount codes provided. 
Have a safe and fun Holiday season with friends and family!
Goes without saying…  train hard and stay frosty!


  • JJ

    Good call on the L.A.G holsters! I have 2 and they are fantastic!!

  • Billy Thompson

    already got one of the camillus folding knives and bleeding targets – now i need the throwing hatchet to use on the bleeders. i will use the plans that are in the article and building the throwing knife stopper will be a good project forme and my 8 year old sun during the christmas and new years days off from work – love the blogs – first time commenting – keep em coming sir – y’all are good people from triumph from what i can tell

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