FUSION™ IPSC Rifle Target with Reactive (A) Zone - 3/8" AR500 Steel - Static Stand

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  • AR500 Steel is not painted as shown in the images. Surface is unfinished
  • Rated for most rifles and handguns
  • Max velocities is 3,000 FPS
  • Max energy at target is 2,300 ft lbs
  • Laser cut 3/8" thick AR500 Target Plate
  • Great for use with 9MM, .40S&W, .45ACP, .223 Remington, 7.62x39, and 7.62x51 NATO
  • Do not use this target with handguns within 7 yards & do not use this target within 100 yards if your shooting with a rifle
  • Plate outline matches A, B, C zones of an official IPSC/USPSA metric target- 11.81" x 23.62"
  • Static stand is made of 1/4" heavy duty steel with black powder coated finish
  • Static stand is 35" diagonally and elevated for maximum stability
  • Adjustable post mount for leveling
  • Silhouette and reactive plate are parallel so frag doesn't damage the wood post
  • Reduced A zone window is 4"W x 7.25"L
  • Target plate can be reversed for extended life
  • Safely deflects rounds and frag into the ground with adjustable forward angle
  • Please read all safety guidelines before use
  • Alway use in a safe location


The FUSION™ premium IPSC rifle target with reactive (A) Zone is just what you have been missing. This silhouette is easy to use, safe and takes a beating. This target has been tested extensively and now its ready for you. The hinges and brackets are all laser cut from hardened abrasions resistant AR500 steel. This target has no welds and can be reversed for extended life. The plate matches IPSC or USPSA targets; however, the (D) zone is removed. The window to the reactive plate is 4x7." Easily see your shot and the target reaction upon impact. Hear the ping as your rounds strike the target. This highly durable and reactive AR500 steel target is great for all types of shooters from beginners to professionals.


  • Target Silhouette Plate: 30cm x 60cm - 11.81" x 23.62"
  • Reactive Plate: 4" x 7.25" 
  • Steel: 3/8" AR500 Steel - Unfinished
  • Stand: 1/4" steel with black powder coat finish
  • Stand Dimensions: 27" x 22" (35" diagonally)
  • Weight: 51 lbs



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